2016 Christmas Day Benefit Brunch at the Movies

brunchposter2016THE EVENT IS SOLD OUT!

At noon, on Christmas Day (Sunday, December 25th), join other Cinemapolitans for a special Thai brunch and movie to benefit the theater’s Annual Fund.
Your $50 ticket, which must be purchased by December 21, will include admission to one of the five movies at the theatre (Eagle Huntress, Jackie, Lion, Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight) as well as a delicious assortment of food from Tamarind:



  • Thai Spring Rolls (vegetarian)
  • Naam Sod

Main Dishes

  • Spicy Basil w/Beef (spice level 1) *gluten free*
  • Pepper & Garlic w/ Beef
  • Spicy Eggplant w/ Tofu
 (spice level 1)
  • Panang Curry w/ Chicken
  • Pad Thai w/ Chicken
  • Green Curry w/ Tofu (spice level 1)
  • Pra Ram Long Song w / Tofu
  • Steamed White Rice (vegan)


($24 of each ticket may be considered a donation)

TODAY'S SHOWTIMES Saturday August 19, 2017

13 Minutes (114 R) 2:00PM  7:05PM  
Maudie (115 PG-13) 4:25PM  
Brigsby Bear (100 PG-13) 2:30PM  4:50PM  7:10PM  9:30PM  
Step (84 PG) 2:15PM  4:30PM  7:20PM  9:20PM  
The Glass Castle (127 PG-13) 1:40PM  4:15PM  6:50PM  9:25PM