Women’s Wisdom: A Multi-Media Performance Piece

Swomenswisdomunday, October 30 at 2 pm
Thursday, November 3 at 7 pm
Tuesday, December 6 at 7pm

General Admission – $10

Tickets to benefit the project and Gender Equality Groups at high schools in Tompkins County

Writer/director Sue Perlgut presents this multi-media performance of her celebration of women’s advice and wisdom. For this project, 70 women took a survey to recount the advice they were given and have given.
Perlgut video taped 35 women from Tompkins County asking them the same questions. The performances feature filmed segments alongside live readings.

Featured readers:
Sherron Brown
Cynthia Henderson (10/30)
Yvonne Fisher (11/3)
Margaret Dennis

TODAY'S SHOWTIMES Friday December 15, 2017

Loving Vincent (94 PG-13) 9:30PM  
Jane (90 PG) 5:00PM  7:20PM  9:25PM  
Lady Bird (93 R) 4:50PM  7:15PM  9:25PM  
The Breadwinner (93 PG-13) 4:45PM  6:50PM  
Wonder Wheel (101 PG-13) 4:40PM  7:10PM  9:20PM