The Naked Prey

The Naked Prey


Cornel Wilde • 1965 • South Africa | USA

Wilderness survival is taken to the extreme in this story of a safari group running afoul of an African tribe while hunting elephants. After the tribesmen punish most of the safari group in different and gruesome ways, the last man standing—Cornel Wilde—suddenly becomes the last man running. Given a short head-start, the hunter becomes the prey as Wilde must out-run, out-think, and out-fight the pursuing tribesmen. A masterpiece of tension, this pulse-pounding chase will leave you breathless.

Ithaca Film Festival

TODAY'S SHOWTIMES Sunday August 20, 2017

13 Minutes (114 R) 2:00PM  7:05PM  
Maudie (115 PG-13) 4:25PM  
Brigsby Bear (100 PG-13) 2:30PM  4:50PM  7:10PM  9:30PM  
Step (84 PG) 2:15PM  4:30PM  7:20PM  9:20PM  
The Glass Castle (127 PG-13) 1:40PM  4:15PM  6:50PM  9:25PM