Michael Wadleigh • 1981 • USA

NYPD Captain Dewey Wilson is assigned a high-profile triple murder, and is paired with a criminal psychologist. Their pursuit of the mysterious killer leads them to an ominous demolished church in the South Bronx, and from there things take a turn for the fantastic. Both political and understated compared to other contemporary werewolf pictures, Wolfen stands apart from its peers in subtle ways by choosing to keep its horror both mysterious and empathetic. It features the enigmatic Albert Finney as Dewey Wilson and Diane Venora as his intellectual foil Rebecca Neff.

Ithaca Film Festival

TODAY'S SHOWTIMES Friday April 20, 2018

Lowlife (96 NR) 9:30PM  
Isle of Dogs (101 PG-13) 4:20PM  4:50PM  6:45PM  7:15PM  9:30PM  
Ismael's Ghosts (134 R) 5:00PM  7:45PM