Ithaca’s Member Supported Independent Movie Theater is looking for a talented artist to update the visual centerpiece that welcomes patrons to the cinema. The 10′ x 21′ mural will grace the west-facing wall in our lobby and be seen by more than 70,000 movie-goers annually.

Proposals are due by November 15, 2019. A selection panel will announce the chosen artist by mid-December, with work to be completed before Spring 2020.

Items to Be Submitted:

  • Name and contact information
  • Brief autobiographical statement
  • Vision Statement for the mural
  • Sketch of your proposed mural
  • 3-5 examples of previous art projects

Email Application to

ARTIST AWARD: $2,500 (plus up to $500 for materials)

“In Celebration of Film Bringing People Together”

The proposed project should be an iconic work that expresses our mission and vision in a striking and professional manner in line with the quality and content of the examples of cinematic art that grace our screens 364 days a year. The art that greets moviegoers coming to Cinemapolis for the 1st (or 1,000th!) time should stimulate their mind and spirit and prepare them for a trans-formative cinematic experience. As they leave, it should serve as a bridge between that experience and their re-entry into normal life. It should entice them to return. It should encourage people walking by to come in and investigate. It needs to communicate our purpose at a glance, so visitors immediately know where they are and what to expect here.