As you may have noticed, there’s a rather large construction project set to begin all around the cinema. Starting July 1, the ground level parking lot between us and City Hall will be permanently closed as work begins on the Asteri Ithaca project.

This phenomal mixed-use project will add four new levels of parking, a brand new conference center, and more than 200 affordable workforce housing units to downtown. It will also make getting to the cinema a little more challenging for a while.

For the duration of the construction, we’re recommending that all movie-goers park in the Cayuga Street garage and take the Creek Walk to the crosswalk on Green Street that leads directly to our door.

If you need to drop off another patron, there are passenger drop off spots located just past the crosswalk in front of Urban Outfitters.

Be sure to leave a little early for your next trip to the movies, so you don’t miss out on the great previews!