“What you dream about when you think about independent cinema.”

A message from
Executive Director, Brett Bossard
& Board President, Sue Perlgut

You may remember that last year we asked our Board of Directors why they support Cinemapolis, our region’s only five-screen, member supported art house cinema. This year, we decided to turn to social media to find what our Facebook followers had to say. The unsolicited raves in their online reviews hit a myriad of high notes:

“We drive some 50 miles to go to this theater, mainly because Cinemapolis shows those odd, quirky, arty films that the big chain theaters tend to skip.”

“We are so lucky to have you here in Ithaca…The popcorn is always buttered just right and your staff is the best.”

“Grateful that there’s a theatre in Ithaca showing important and thought-provoking films.”

“Cinemapolis went out of their way for my family…and gave us the most wonderful night we will never forget. Lovely people and an asset to the community”

“5 stars are not enough. Cinemapolis is the standard for community cinema. Once you go here, any town without a community cinema just feels incomplete.

And more!

As a patron and supporter, we’re sure you can add to this list, which is why we’re writing today to ask you to contribute to our 2018 Annual Fund. By making a donation, you join the members of our board and hundreds of other community members in supporting Cinemapolis.

Our continued success would not be possible without the ongoing assistance of you, our faithful “Cinemapolitans.” And why is your support so needed now? Because ticket sales cover less than 75% of our operating expenses, which include our continued commitment to providing a living wage to all our employees. So along with your membership of $75 per person, please make a donation to this year’s annual fund and help us reach our year-end target of $106,000. Together, we can do it! Your tax-deductible contribution guarantees that Cinemapolis can continue to be more than just a movie theater.

We are grateful for your past support and thank you again for all you do to help foster the art of film in Tompkins County and beyond. Our community’s love for our cinema is truly inspiring.


Brett Bossard, Executive Director &
Sue Perlgut, Board President

If you have questions, please call 607-277-6115 during theater hours or email brett@cinemapolis.org


With a contribution of $75 or more ($150 or more for a dual/family membership), you become a card-carrying member of Cinemapolis. Click here to purchase a membership and find out more about member benefits.

Tax-deductible donations can be made online using the form below, or simply sent to: Cinemapolis, 120 E. Green St, Ithaca, NY 14850.

7th Art is a 501C3 not-for-profit corporation. Your gift may be entirely or partly tax-deductible; consult your tax advisor.