Advocacy Center Presents Free Screening

Advocacy Center presents
Thursday, November 8 at 7 pm
w/ post-show discussion

The Tale is part-fantasy part-memoir from documentary film-director Jennifer Fox about her own childhood experience with sexual abuse and how memories of trauma reshape themselves over a lifetime. When filmmaker Jennifer Fox was 13, she wrote a story for English class about a young girl who is coerced into a sexual relationship with her 40-year-old running coach. Little did her teacher know, the story was true. The Tale delves into Fox’s own memories of coming to terms with her childhood abuse at the age of 45. Laura Dern, Common, and Ellen Burstyn star in the film and the movie has been called a “Genuinely earth-shaking self-portrait” (Indiewire) as well as “thought-provoking and thoroughly compelling” (The Hollywood Reporter). It premiered at Sundance in 2018 and was nominated for two Emmy’s. This screening and discussion is hosted by the Advocacy Center ( as part of our Enough Abuse Tompkins project.

Content Warning: This film discusses and depicts child sexual abuse which may be difficult or disturbing for some viewers. Advocates will be at the theater to provide support.

This screening is FREE, and open to the public. There will be a facilitated discussion following the film, and participants are encouraged to schedule child sexual abuse prevention trainings with Enough Abuse Tompkins to ensure that Fox’s childhood experience is not re-lived in our community.

Please contact to learn more about scheduling a child sexual abuse prevention program for your community.