Citizen Clark Screening w/ director Joseph Stillman

ced49a7d4bdd222a4294914af9ec2096CITIZEN CLARK…A LIFE OF PRINCIPLE
Sunday, December 4 at 2 pm
featuring Q & A with director Joseph C. Stillman
General Admission – $10

ABOUT THE FILM: This feature documentary details Ramsey Clark’s lifetime commitment to justice and human rights. As the highest law enforcement officer of the land under LBJ, Clark supervised the drafting and the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1968, two key milestones in the history of the United States. Among the topics that will be covered in this comprehensive film will be growing up in Texas, WWII, The Kennedy Years, Vietnam and the effects the draft had on African-American’s, Martin Luther King, Civil Rights, The Selma to Montgomery March, Voting Rights, Native American Land Reparations, Working with LBJ, Dealing with J. Edgar Hoover, Robert F. Kennedy, Latin American Wars, The Iraq War, War Crimes, Torture, Crime in America, The Prison System, The Palestinian Conflict, Poverty in the U.S., The right to a fair trial, Militarism, Drones, and Materialism in America. The narrative of this documentary will be told through the Mr. Clark’s first hand experiences and others who were witnesses to the events and topics we will cover in this film at that time.

Cast: Martin Sheen as narrator, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Frank Serpico, Ramsey Clark, Victor Navasky, Miguel D’Escoto, Gloria LaRiva, Roger Wilkins, Cissy Marshall, Blase Bonpane, Barbara Lubin, Stephen Pollak, Lynn Stewart, and Brian Becker.