Democracy Reform Ranking Project Hosts Film Screening

Democracy Reform Ranking Project (DRRP) presents
Wednesday, December 12 at 7 pm
$10 General Admission – BUY TICKETS
Community Discussion to Follow

Capturing the Flag reveals how a team of voter protection volunteers uncovered striking evidence of voter suppression in North Carolina during the 2016 election. The short film will be followed by a discussion about the importance of democracy reforms and community announcements from people attending.

Also, this date marks launching The Democracy Reform Ranking Project.

The Democracy Reform Ranking Project (DRRP) is a live advocacy tour and information gathering effort to prioritize the reforms that people believe would most improve our democracy. It is designed to offer an ongoing opportunity for engagement to citizens who are concerned about the direction and effectiveness of government.

The project aims to identify and then maintain focus on key priorities to improve citizen participation and sustainable, equitable outcomes.

About the Film:
A tight-knit group of friends travel to Cumberland County, North Carolina – 2016 “posterchild” for voter suppression – intent on proving that the big idea of American democracy can be defended by small acts of individual citizens.