Filmmaker Presents New Marine Documentary

Tuesday, September 26 at 7 pm
featuring Q & A and book signing with Drew Harvell and Producer David O. Brown
General Admission – $10
in conjunction with the Johnson Museum exhibit, “From The Darkness Of The Sea: The Cornell Collection Of Blaschka Glass Invertebrate Models”

Fragile Legacy is a multimedia fusion of art, science, and history. The project is designed to expand participation in conservation efforts worldwide, inspiring people in all disciplines to imagine and work toward a sustainable future. Using 19th and early 20th Century naturalist art as a jump-off, the project explores environmental changes since the creation of these works. The art was made at the beginning of the fossil fuel revolution that has so altered the biosphere, and the project’s objective is to rekindle the optimism and passion for natural history that characterized the time. The message of the project is that human ingenuity, coupled with the knowledge and tools gained in the last 150 years, can and must be employed to find solutions to the environmental problems that we inadvertently made for ourselves. Fragile Legacy is both a celebration of our unique ability to appreciate, understand and interpret nature, and a “call to arms” for us all to mobilize to shape a sustainable future.

Phase One of the project, (completed), is the production of “Fragile Legacy,” a 30-minute introductory film featuring Cornell University’s collection of sea creatures made by Rudolph and Leopold Blaschka, master glass. Locations for the film include Indonesia, Spain, the Pacific Northwest and the Gulf of Maine, and were selected based on the travels of Dr. Catherine Drew Harvell, a globally renowned marine biologist and curator of Cornell’s Blaschka collection.

A number of talented professionals donated their time and efforts to this pilot project, including narrator and ocean advocate Ted Danson. Ted has offered to continue to donate narration of future installments. The time and resources volunteered to the project enabled creation of a far more complex film, with considerably higher production values, than would have been possible on the grant budget alone. The film won the award for Best Short at the Monaco Blue Ocean Film Festival, sharing the stage with the Academy Award winning producers and director of the multi-million dollar film “Racing Extinction,” and has garnered Best of Show, Best Picture and other awards around the world. The East Coast premiere of the film was at the Corning Museum of Glass in May of 2016, accompanying an exhibit of the Cornell Blaschka collection, and media from the project was also incorporated directly into the exhibit. An exhibit has just opened at the Johnson Museum, and will run through December of this year. Dr. Harvell has written an award-winning book that features the collection and provides in-depth information on many of the organisms and events in the film.

Support for the Fragile Legacy Project comes from the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Corning Foundation and the Reva and David Logan Foundation, with thanks to Fiscal Sponsor, the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).