Sunday, November 10 – 2 pm to 10 pm
The Outer Docs Film Festival is now in its third year, showcasing documentary films that live outside the box. The one day event will feature documentary shorts and feature from around the world as well as right here in Ithaca that celebrate different perspectives, unusual ideas, and unconventional thinking. Join us for a day and watch four blocks of great films and stay for the award ceremony where filmmakers win cash prizes!

ALL ACCESS PASS for the whole fest is just $25, or you can purchase tickets to individual program blocks below ($8 in advance, $10 at the door).

Find out more at the official Outer Docs Site!

Outer Docs Film Festival 2019 Full Trailer – Ithaca’s Independent Doocumentary Film Festival from Veverka Bros. Productions on Vimeo.


Block 1:
Searching for Community
2 PM – 3:20 PM – BUY TICKETS
Floating Pilgrims
USA, 17’, NY Premiere
Directed/Produced By: David Goodman
A yearlong portrait of a southern marina and its inhabitants.

I Dream of Vietnam
USA, 17’, NY Premiere
Directed/Produced By: Jiayu Yang
Searching for the “open border” between China and Vietnam, the Chinese filmmaker comes upon her own liminality instead. Taking the form of a lyrical, dream-like essay, this film explores questions of popular memory and cultural exchange while raising questions about the politics of photography itself.

Strangers in the Heart of Europe
Germany, 44’, US Premiere
Directed/Produced by: Jan Paschen
Home and identity are not fixed terms, but flexible constructs that mean something different for everyone. Strangers in the heart of Europe portrays Carpathian Germans in Eastern Slovakia.

Block 2:
Nature’s Giants
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM – BUY TICKETS
Life-force of the Forest
New Zealand, 50’, US Premiere
Directed/Produced by: James A Muir
The Life-force of the Forest tells the story of New Zealand’s largest trees, growing from a tiny seed to become one of the largest living organisms on earth. The forests here are intrinsically connected to the people and to all living beings but their future hangs in the balance as dieback disease is destroying the last remaining giants.

To Find a Harpy
UK, 19’, NY Premiere
Directed/Produced by: Daniel O’Neill
“To Find a Harpy” is the story of one woman’s quest into the world’s most remote and unexplored rainforest to fulfill her dream of seeing the mythical Harpy Eagle.
Special presentation with Rolfe Radcliffe from the Cornell Raptor Program to follow.

Block 3:
Life and Death
5:15 PM – 7:15 PM – BUY TICKETS
The Noise Remains
USA, 13’, Local Film
Directed/Produced by: Jennifer Clawson
A documentary about two Iraq War veterans, their struggle with guilt about participating in an illegal war, and how they use art as a form of resistance and a way to heal.

Heart of Gold
Directed/Produced by: Ella Krings
After 17-year-old Jerame Turner was shot and killed, his mother and family took a vow to end gun violence in their Pittsburgh, PA community.

Laura in Search of Teeth
USA, 33’, NY Premiere
Directed/Produced by: Megan Hattie Stahl
Laura L. Brown is a collector of oddities, Facebook entertainer, and self-proclaimed Christian Hippie Freak living in McMinnville, Oregon. Her family is still getting used to it. An intimate look at life, death, trauma, and the wonders of formaldehyde.
Contains graphic footage of organs and sexual content – viewer discretion is advised.

Qualm & Quiettus
USA, 22’, NY Premiere
Directed/Produced by: Phoebe Mussman
Part character study, part essay film, Qualm & Quietus challenges the anxiety with which we view death. The documentary follows Kerry Lynn, a woman who has had death trail her closely throughout life. In facing her mortality with grace and candor, Kerry Lynn allows viewers to see the perfection of impermanence for themselves.

Stardust to Stardust: The Story of Bob Burch
Directed/Produced by: Jesse Veverka
Deceased photographer Bob Burch’s remains are chemically converted into a firework that will light the sky one final time.

Q&A with all filmmakers in this block to follow.

Block 4
Roads Less Travelled
7:30 PM – 9:20 PM – BUY TICKETS
King of the Road
USA, 25’, NY Premiere
Directed/Produced by: Kate Celso
Rick Torres is a tractor trailer driver and 20 year Elvis Presley Tribute Artist whose passion is legendary.

USA, 13’, Local Film
Directed/Produced by: Elias Olsen
“Stew” is a story of having vision without sight. Despite facing a life-changing obstacle, Stew Jones chose to pursue his passion for automobiles and overcomes the odds.

USA, 12’, Ithaca Premiere
Directed/Produced by: Aaron Kelly-Penso
Set in Aresco’s bodega in Middletown, Connecticut, the film explores the community that exists around the bodega, chronicling the humorous and touching interactions between customers and the shopkeeper.

The Ideal Kibbutz
France, 52’, US Premiere
Directed/Produced by: Denis Khalifa
Daniel, son of a kibbutznik from France, is looking for a kibbutz that will match his dreams.

Q&A with all filmmakers in this block to follow.

9:30 PM – 9:50 PM

After Party!