Short Film Retrospective from Romanian Film Maker

Ioana Turcan
“I create small scale revolutions”
A Retrospective
Saturday, May 20th at 4 pm
featuring an intro by the filmmaker LIVE from Cannes
$8 General Admission

Ioana Georgeta Turcan is a Fulbright scholar and visual maker from Romania with a background in choreography and contact sports. She’s also an instructor at Syracuse University.

This retrospective of her work will be screening both here at Cinemapolis and at the AViFF Art Film Festival, an annual event running concurrently with the Cannes Film Festival in France.


por ahora soy invierno (3.28 minutes)
self illusion (2.54 minutes)
little father (8.43 minutes)
tempo (12 minutes)
crafted (3.06 minutes)
III (4. 21 minutes)
collins 70’s (10.20 minutes)
the other life of charon (40 minutes)

I was born in the 90’s and missed the fall ofcommunism by five months.

I missed 2 more major shifts due to studying in the US when Romanianyouth organized mass-protests and changed the Government in 2015 and 2017.

It seems that I have missed all the revolutions that mattered, so I am provoking my own, on different grounds.

These small-scale revolutions address topics of gender, social expectations/perceptions, stereotypes, and cultural romanticism,

and engage relations between body and space, and land and property identity.

~ #revolutionstartsathome

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