On Screen Sponsorship

The Cinemapolis On Screen Sponsorship program provides a great way for local businesses to support our community cinema. For VERY reasonable rates, your business or organization can be featured among the pre-show slides that appear before every one of the 125 screenings that happen each week at the cinema.


  • More than 70,000 patrons from the community walk through the lobby and attend presentations each year.
  • Your brand will be displayed on all five Cinemapolis movie screens prior to each of the 125 screenings each week.
  • The theater is in the heart of downtown. Located at 120 East Green Street at a major thoroughfare for City parking and transportation, our storefront is viewed by tens of thousands of pedestrians every month. Your slide will be displayed on the “Coming Attractions” monitor in our window,  reaching this audience.
  • Based on a survey coordinated by WB&A Market Research, the audience is a diverse mix of local residents, college students, teachers and tourists.

GREAT VALUE (Download Rate Sheet

Sponsorship  Level Description 3 month campaign 6 month campaign 1 year campaign
Level One
Half Screen slide on alley monitor & movie screens $250 $450 $800
Level Two
Full screen slide on alley monitor
& movie screens
$500 $900 $1,600
Level Three Video of up to 60 seconds on alley monitor
& movie screens
$1,000 $1,800 $3,200

The durations listed are just for reference. We can prorate any length campaign based on the rates here. Alley monitor runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In-theater slides are displayed for at least 20 minutes prior to film start time.

Additional Fees: One –time setup fee of $50 for any campaign (waived if customer provides art).


  • Full screen slide dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Half screen slide dimensions: 950 x 1070 pixels.
  • JPG or PNG format.
  • Video format: mp4, h264, or mov preferred. 1080p or 720p.

For more information on Sponsorship Opportunities email Brett Bossard, brett@cinemapolis.org