Don’t worry – you won’t have to don a headset or beam yourself into cyberspace, but Cinemapolis IS going virtual!

In response to the statewide “stay at home” order, we are offering a weekly slate of new films for patrons to view at home. We’re collaborating with independent film distributors like Film Movement, Kino Lorber, Magnolia Pictures, and Oscilloscope Laboratories to sell patrons “virtual tickets” for online rentals of current first-run releases.

Some important points to note:

  • Prices will vary slightly depending on the studio, but in all cases, a portion of the proceeds come back to support operations at Cinemapolis while the theater is closed. Please note that this arrangement, in these unprecedented times, means we’re unable to offer member pricing. Thanks for your understanding and for your support.


  • Each studio is handling the rental of their own films a little differently, so the process of purchasing and viewing will vary from title to title. All virtual cinema titles available to rent can be screened online using a laptop or mobile device. Other options such as Roku, ChromeCast or Apple TV may be available depending on the platforms being used by each studio. Detailed instructions and technical specifications will be available before any purchase is completed.


  • Just like our regularly scheduled film screenings, titles will only be available for a limited duration, and new titles will be added each Friday. If a title is popular it may be available for longer than one week, but there is no guarantee—if you’re interested click early!

We moved quickly and thoughtfully to launch these virtual cinema offerings, but they’re new. Please be patient if there are some initial technical issues – know that we’ll respond promptly.

You can find more answers on our new Frequently Asked Questions page.

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